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We'll Partner You In Patient Care
Westmeria Recruitment supplies experienced, compliant Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers into Locum staffing roles within the NHS and private healthcare sectors across various UK NHS Trusts. As one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruiters, we are known for our efficient, professional service and the quality of our Nurses, Social Workers and AMHP's.
We build long-term partnerships with all our Clients, getting to know their culture, objectives, budgets and staffing requirements. By combining cost effective solutions with candidate quality, we can offer a high standard of service ensuring that patient safety and quality of care remain our top priorities.
We have a large team of staffing professionals working across different specialities, managed by our experienced and dedicated recruitment team. Day-to-day, we help our Clients to deliver dependable, compassionate clinical care and unwavering standards of excellence. We react with efficiency and offer a search and find service when there is a need for a specific candidate. From filling temporary positions to ad hoc shifts, we have access to an extensive database of qualified and compliant professionals that will create the confidence you need that we can meet your staffing needs.
Within the public sector, we are proud to be an approved supplier of the NHS Alliance Framework and a member of the National Clinical Workforce Alliance Framework, and the preferred supplier for a number of NHS Mental Health Trusts as well as Foundation Trusts. Within the private sector, we service a number of hospitals and private clients across London and the Home Counties.
If you want to talk to the Westmeria Team about your recruitment needs or have a specific project that needs staffing, please call us on 01322 282 470.
Alternatively, if you have an immediate job role that needs filling, please complete the Call Back request option below and we will contact you immediately.
NHS and Private Sectors
High quality, compassionate care is about people, not institutions. In every ward and clinic, in every hospital, health centre, community service and patient’s home across the country, Mental Health nurses work hard to provide care and compassion to people when needed; in times of challenge or uncertainty; or as part of helping people with long term conditions to stay safe, supported and live as independently as possible. Westmeria Recruitment are proud to help recruit into positions
to assist the NHS in continuing the delivery to these much need services to provide exceptional care to assess, treat, diagnose and discharge service users across many different areas within Social Care, the NHS and private sectors.
Prisons and Offending
It is reported that a high proportion of people in contact with the criminal justice system suffer from mental health issues. Addressing the needs of people with mental disorders improves the probability that upon leaving prison, they will be able to adjust to community life, which may in turn, reduce the likelihood that they will return to prison. Access to assessment, treatment, and (when necessary) referral of people with mental disorders, including substance abuse, plays an integral part of this process. 
Social Services
Through adopting their relationship-based and collaborative skills, Westmeria Recruitment Social workers can support people to make positive changes with their loved ones involvement, when appropriate, which can then lead them to improve their potential as individuals in leading enriching life within both personal and professional aspects.
Collaborating with NHS and other public sector professionals. Westmeria Recruitment have experience of obtaining Mental Health professionals who are able to demonstrate their excellent understanding of co-design and strong communication skills to help improve quality of life of anyone experiencing Mental Health distress and maintain their health and wellbeing.
Candidate Compliance Guarantee
Westmeria Recruitment has been awarded platinum status on the annual London Procurement Program (LPP) audit. This means that we guarantee, can supply and evidence that all placed Locums and candidates have passed and met our robust compliance checks, including DBS checks, attended mandatory training courses and have the relevant appraisals and references for all placements they are submitted for, or working within.
All processes and expectations fully comply and meet the requirements of the NHS Employment Checks and all statutory recommendations, as well as best practice guidelines.
When you request a CV from us, you can be assured that our candidates will have been fully screened and all their qualifications, training and safeguarding checks have been completed and verified by the Westmeria Recruitment Team. At no point, will a Westmeria Recruitment candidate ever be allowed on-site without having met and completed this process.
Clinical Governance
Westmeria Recruitment is committed to upholding its current Platinum status. To help achieve this we engage and are extremely proud to have a number of Senior professionals and Social Care managers that assist with overseeing all Clinical Governance aspects of our organisation.

Specifically they:
  • Review all policies and procedures to ensure that all Westmeria Recruitment’s candidates work within their relative codes of conduct, including (but not limited to) Health and Social Care, Department of Health guidelines, Professional registered bodies and are trained to carry out their extensive roles and receive regular supervision support.
  • Ensure the quality of the professionals we recruit are of the highest standard and are up to date with the latest Best
    Practice guidelines in Healthcare.
  • Ensure that the professionals we recruit have a positive attitude, compassionate and caring attitude.
  • Are on-hand to all our locum staff, the Westmeria Recruitment team and our Clients should they need advice or support at given time.
  • Will undertake investigations from complaints or incidents and advise as requested.