For You
Whether you are searching for a new placement as a Locum or are looking for your first Locum position, we can help. Our recruitment team have extensive knowledge of the Mental Health market and with a large number of available contracts at all times, we can help take the worry out of job hunting and help you make the right choice.
​We will guide you through the registration process and answer any questions you may have. Once you are part of the Westmeria family, we guarantee to look after you. We value all our Locums and recognise the fact that each is a crucial cog in the Mental Health system. As a result, we will give you access to support and appraisals with senior nurses who have worked in management and front line roles, provide you with mandatory training and occupational health checks, as well as offering guidance and personal development. Most importantly, by being part of the NHS CPP and LPP Frameworks and working with an authorised supplier of Mental Health professionals, you will have job security.
​Westmeria are pleased to be able to offer a variety of jobs at band 5 through to 8c, in many settings as such as;
Recovery and Support
Assertive Outreach
Early Intervention in Psychosis
MAP - Mood, Anxiety and Personality Disorder
Assessment and Brief Treatment
Community Assessment and Liaison
Primary Care Mental Health Workers within GP surgeries
Recovery and Rehab
Community Forensic and Prisons
Home Treatment Teams for Adult, Older Adults, CAMHS
  • Psychiatric Liaison
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Dementia Services
  • Older Adults CMHT and Memory Clinics
  • CAMHS - Tiers 2 and 3, Youth Offending and Primary Mental Health Workers
Mandatory Training
Mandatory training is compulsory training that is deemed essential by the NHS and Government for the safe and efficient delivery of services. It is designed to reduce risks and comply with local and/or national policies and Government guidelines. Here at Westmeria, we will support you through all training requirements and ensure these are all completed within good time of each expiry.
​Back in April 2016, NMC introduced a Revalidation process for all nurses and midwives in the UK, whom would need to follow to maintain their NMC registration. The process is straightforward and helps to ensure that you can continue to demonstrate a safe and effective practise. It will encourage you to reflect on the Code of Conduct within your practise and enable you to demonstrate that you are ‘living’ the standards set out within it.
Revalidation is required every three years and your application will be required to be submitted online via your NMC Online account
It is important to know that revalidation is not about making an assessment of your fitness to practise; it is about promoting good practise and helping keep public confidence in the nursing professions.  
The Requirements
  • 450 practise hours (within the 3 year period)
  • 35 hours of CPD, including 20 hours of participatory learning
  • 5 pieces of practise-related feedback
  • 5 written reflective accounts
  • Reflective discussion
  • Health and character declaration
  • Professional indemnity arrangement
  • Confirmation
As an agency worker, do I need to revalidate?
Yes, all professionals practising are required to re-validate to maintain NMC registration.
​How do I find out my revalidation date?
All individuals will have their own deadline to meet and to find this, you can simply log onto your NMC Online Account.
How will Westmeria support me through this?
Westmeria have extensive knowledge and processes around Re-validation and will be on hand at all times to help support you through the process. We will offer you advice and guidance on how best to complete the your application. Should you wish for further information, please contact the team on 01322 282 470
Attractive pay
We offer attractive pay structures, including unsocial uplifts.
Weekly Payments
We offer a weekly payrun meaning you are guaranteed a regular wage and your dedicated Finance contact will do all they can to ensure the process is smooth and efficient for you.
PAYE / Umbrella
We are on-hand to discuss the best options for you specifically. ​​

Case Study 1

A quick overview of how long you have been with Westmeria Recruitment and your dealings with us during this time
Following early retirement in August 2015 from the NHS, I found myself missing my role within mental health services. Understandably I was anxious about joining an agency following 30 years in a substantive post in the NHS. Having taken the leap, 5 years later I am still with Westmeria.  
Your current role via Westmeria Recruitment 
Currently working as a CPN Band 6
How did you hear about Westmeria Recruitment?
I was recommended to Westmeria Recruitment by a colleague I previously worked for.
Do you find all teams within Westmeria Recruitment supportive? What kind of
support have you received or required during your time represented by Westmeria Recruitment?
From the very outset the team have been incredibly supportive and helpful.  Nothing is too much trouble.  All the team provide a extremely high level of service from compliance to ensuring staffs placements are the right match and reflect skill set.  I have no doubt that Westmeria recruitment is up there in terms of service not only to members, but to the Trusts they are working tirelessly with to provide high level agency cover. 
Would you recommend Westmeria Recruitment to other professionals?
I have recommended Westmeria Recruitment to staff along the way and would have no hesitation of recommending staff in the future
Mandy A (CPN)


Case Study 2

A quick overview of how long you have been with Westmeria Recruitment and your dealings with us during this time
Westmeria have served me well in supporting my development as management within different community settings.
​​Your current role via Westmeria Recruitment 
​Team Manager via Westmeria.
How did you hear about Westmeria Recruitment?
​My first dealing with Westmeria was when recruiting agency staff for my then team. I found the dealings with them extremely professional and straight forward, I then joined them myself.
Do you find all teams within Westmeria Recruitment supportive? What kind of
support have you received or required during your time represented by Westmeria Recruitment?
I find all staff available and helpful, they are an ideal agency and recruitment specialist. Payroll are efficient and always pay on time. I receive relevant and gentle training reminders.
​​Would you recommend Westmeria Recruitment to other professionals?
I will continue to recommend and refer nurses to Westmeria
David - Team Manager