Westmeria Recruitment is a member of the LPP framework and is committed to upholding its current Platinum status. To help achieve this we employ a number of senior nurses and Social Care managers that oversee the clinical governance aspects of our business.

Specifically they:
  1. Review our policies and procedures to ensure that all Westmeria Recruitment’s staff work within their relative codes of conduct, are trained to carry out their caring roles and receive regular supervision and personal appraisals.
  2. Ensure the quality of the professionals we recruit are of the highest standard and are up to date with the latest Best Practice guidelines in Healthcare.
  3. Ensure that the professionals we recruit have a positive attitude, compassionate and caring attitude.
  4. Are on-hand to all our locum staff, the Westmeria Recruitment team and our clients should they need advice or to consult about anything.
  5. Will undertake investigations from complaints or incidents and advise as requested.
  6. Review and amend the Westmeria Recruitment Staff Handbook on a yearly basis to reflect any changes in health and Care legislation, CQC, Department of Health guidelines and all professional bodies our locum staff are registered under.