"I have been with Westmeria Recruitment for the past four years and it was the best decision I ever made. I have to admit, I was really worried about moving to agency nursing after working in a full time permanent position with the NHS. What gave me peace of mind was the in depth pre-placement meeting with Westmeria where I was fully briefed about their methodology. They talked me through how they worked and I was safe in the knowledge that the company was reliable in that they consistently hire exceptional staff and their placement support is robust, which ultimately means greater service for health care providers and users of the NHS. I’m happy I made that move, you will be too."
Joel Duntin

"My manager at Westmeria has always been very pro-active in keeping me informed of all issues and deals promptly with any queries I have."

"Westmeria has been a great help and support to me, ensuring that I am up to standard with the necessary training relating to my job. I find their input really resourceful."

"I have been with Westmeria for 8 years and can confidently say I have never considered working for anyone else. From CPN's to Senior Managers, they have always found me positions within Mental Health nursing. If I have ever needed their support, they have always gone the extra mile for me. They also pay on time. Great team and great people."

"I have worked for Westmeria for nearly 4 years and am very satisfied with the service they provide to locum practitioners. Payments are always on time and their system for recording and reminding of annual training requirements is invaluable. What I appreciate most is, the time and attention given by Westmeria staff to finding a new placement when required. Any preference for a particular team or speciality is always listened to and in my experience staff do their utmost to find a placement in the area of choice. Since joining, I have never had to wait more than one week between a placement ending and a new one beginning. I would recommend Westmeria to anyone who is considering working as a locum practitioner as I have found it to be an excellent Nursing Agency."

"Westmeria have always been supportive and I have never been out of work since joining 8 years ago."

"The team at Westmeria are always available to discuss any concerns or queries. I highly recommended them."