Recruitment and Compliance Process

Westmeria Recruitment has been awarded platinum status on the current NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework and previous London Procurement Programme frameworks, meaning we can guarantee - and supply evidence - that all our placed Locums and candidates have passed ​all compliance checks. Westmeria Recruitment take pride in adhering to all NHS Safeguarding and Employment checks, along with all statutory guidelines.
When you request a CV from us, you can be assured that all our candidates will have been fully screened and all eligibility and ID qualifications, training and safeguarding checks completed and approved by senior management here at Westmeria Recruitment.
No Westmeria Recruitment candidate is ever allowed on-site without having met and passed this process, meaning that you can feel at ease when selecting the right candidate for you and your service.
The following is a guide to Westmeria's Recruitment and Compliance process